A Journey Social is a comprehensive online training program for side hustlers, freelancers, and aspiring business owners who specialize in social media management. The course provides a blueprint of the recommended steps and strategies to take to not only get your business off the ground - but to flourish.


Can I Afford it?

The program is $55. Your one-time investment provides you with lifetime access* to all materials, meaning you can take it over and over again, and also receive each new update that is released.

If you’d like to buy the program in bulk, have me deliver an onsite version of the content, or create a custom version for your team, just drop me a line for pricing.
*for as long as the program exists

Is it Right for Me?

A Journey Social is an introductory course aimed at those who are familiar with social media platforms, but need some help putting their skills into motion. The most successful students typically fall into one of two categories:

Aspiring Freelance Social Media Managers

If you’re brand new to social media management OR if you’re looking to hop into the world of freelancing for the first time, this program serves as an excellent guide for establishing yourself and your business.

Aspirational Social Media Managers

Getting by as a social media manager, but ready to take things up a notch? Get refreshed on the essentials and learn some new strategies and techniques to help your business soar.

What Will I Learn?

This course is a great first step for anyone looking for an extra nudge into the world of social media marketing. In addition to social media listening, reporting, and content ideas, you will also learn:

  • How to market yourself online using social media

  • How to host a successful client discovery call… that actually converts

  • The exact client workflows I use to foster relationships that last

  • The basic steps of setting up a targeted Facebook ad

  • My process for getting paid on time, every time

Who is the Teacher?

The course is taught by me, Latasha James. You can learn more about me here. The course is 100% self-paced, so lessons are video recordings that you can reference and watch whenever you need to.

My mission is to empower others through online trainings, custom coaching packages, and high-value, actionable content. I’m passionate about community engagement, education, and gender and racial parity - and believe that freelancing is a way to break free from the systems that so often, and unfairly, hold people back.

This course is a great first step towards independence for anyone who has considered starting a freelance business; something that’s allowed me to live a life I truly love.



Money Making Micro-Influencer provides you with the strategies needed to win over brands, build your audience, and elevate your influence gracefully and authentically. Full of PDFs, templates, and videos to help you excel in a noisy digital world.



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