How to Deal with Rejection and Ghosting

Today I'm going to be talking about something that is kind of a universal human experience for all people — but especially for freelancers. Anyone who's ever had a career or is trying to build a real career has experienced, or will experience, rejection at some point in their lives. I think that this is something that freelancers and entrepreneurs deal with at probably at a higher rate than anyone else because we're constantly trying to get new gigs and trying to win new people over. I'll be honest, I still struggle with taking things a little too personally sometimes, but I am SO much better than I was at one point in my life. So today I want to share some stories, some things that I have learned, some funny experiences I've had, and of course, some tips on how to better manage and prepare for and deal with rejection.

Here’s what I know about rejection:

  • First and foremost: you’re not alone. Rejection happens to us all — it’s a part of business (and life!)

  • I’m not so fond of the term, “everything happens for a reason”, but I do believe that everything can teach you something.

  • Rejection is rarely personal.

  • Ghosting says a lot more about the other party than it does about you.

  • Use an email tracker to make sure you’re actually being ghosted, because tech issues do happen.

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