Freelancing Might Not Be For You If...

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The point of this show is really to encourage people to join the freelancing community to share tips and tricks that I’ve learned. Freelancing has absolutely changed my life, but there are things to keep in mind that I think are very, very important skills or qualities to possess if you want to be a freelancer. So here we go, a few reasons why freelancing might not be for you.

Freelancing may not be for you if you’re not motivated by personal development

There are no promises when it comes to owning your own business, except for the fact that you are going to learn a heck of a lot. This whole journey is all about personal development and growth. I knew going into doing my business full-time that even if I failed, I was going to grow from it. I think a lot of people get blinded by the few people who really make it, and of course, we want to look up to those people. But they all have bad days! Hilary Rushford posted a podcast recently about a mistake that happened in her business and her having to let somebody go. It was really insightful and helped put things in perspective.

Freelancing may not be for you if you're not good with money

…Or if you don't like to work. I grew up without a lot of money, and I think that taught me how to be good with money in a weird way. I learned the value of $1. I started working as soon as I possibly could. I got my first job when I was 15. I am not somebody who is impressed by fancy cars, fancy bags, shoes… I could care less. And there's nothing wrong if you do like nice things, but you still have to learn how to budget for them right and prioritize your spending and all that. I think budgeting and smart money habits is what has helped enable me to take projects that I really love to not have days of panic that I'm not going to be able to pay the bills.

Freelancing might not be for you if you're not a people person

It's not that I'm not a people person… I actually really like people. I like different viewpoints and perspectives on life, but I am very much an introvert. And when I decided to start freelancing I was like, “Oh, this is a great career path for an introvert because you just type on the Internet. You don't really have to talk to anyone!” Right? Wrong. Some career paths are definitely more independent than others. Social media is definitely very independent, but you still have clients, and you’ve still got to talk to those clients. A big mistake that I made when I first started freelancing was that I’d try really hard to keep communication all virtual. Business doesn't work like that. Sometimes you have to actually pick up the phone and talk to people.

Freelancing might not be for you, if you really like consistency and stability

This is a weird one for me, because I really am a creature of habit. When you switch from a traditional job, you are going to be leaving behind your steady paycheck, you're going to be leaving behind your benefits package, you're going to be leaving behind the stability of your work day. And even if you dreaded that work day, every day, it was still consistent. You still knew what to expect: you got up at the same time, you ate the same breakfast, you took the same commute, you wore pretty much the same outfit every day. You got out around the same time… and that is comforting to some people, even if they're doing something they don't love necessarily. I don't really know what to advise for that change, because I think it's probably always going to be a little scary, right?

Freelancing may not be for you if you don't have a support system

I went through so many times of people just not showing up for me, and it sucks. When you have a cool speech to give or when you’re doing something cool, you’ll want that. And I think you kind of need that. I think it's important to also be that person for other people, too. Because community… that's what this show is all about. Connections are so important in this line of work, because they bring referrals, you get different perspectives, insights, and experiences, and yes, you can gain friendship. That is one of the reasons why I created my group coaching program. It's because I wanted to support a group so that we can all grow together. If you're not ready to invest in a group coaching program, or even a one-on-one coaching program, my Facebook group is free to join! I also always recommend Tuesdays Together by The Rising Tide Society, as well as CreativeMornings.

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