Tips for Rebranding + My Most Exciting Launch Yet

The Freelance Friday Podcast is BACK for season four!

I’m using today’s episode to catch up with you all, and to let you know what you can expect out of this season of the podcast. So let's start with a little catch up, shall we? It's been about two months since I've recorded a new episode of the podcast, and I have been so busy. A couple of highlights:

Here are some of my tips for rebranding:

  • Choose a name that you can use universally across social and web properties, if possible. I went from an obscure screen name to @thelatashajames for social, and for web.

  • Namecheckr is a great (free) resource for choosing social handles and domain names.

  • Work with an expert when you can. Squarespace made it super easy to transfer my domain name, and I bought a theme from Annalisa Creative that I could easily customize instead of doing it all myself.

  • Survey your audience and customers before making big changes. I love the Instagram Stories poll feature for market research, and used it to figure out what my ideal clients wanted out of my website and content marketing.

Surveying you all showed me that many of you were seeking community support, not just one-on-one coaching services. That’s what prompted me to launch my first mastermind group. Here’s a little bit about that:

  • It’s a group coaching experience kicking off on October 14, 2019 (spots available here.)

  • I'm preparing lessons for every single meeting session (6 meetings total) on mindset, systems, content marketing, and goal setting for small business owners, freelancers, and creators.

  • The remainder of the meetings are yours. There will be an organized group discussion where you’ll be able to ask questions, do market research, seek support, or share knowledge.

  • We’ll have a private Facebook community just for us that I’ll be checking in and answering questions in daily. I’ll also repost the lessons in there so you can follow along and rewatch whenever you’d like to.

  • You’ll receive a workbook (digitally or in the mail, depending on your enrollment date — so register ASAP if you want a paper version!)

  • Topics we’ll cover:

    • Setting up your sales funnel correctly

    • Making sure that you're creating content that resonates with your audience

    • Revenue streams and hourly rates

    • Auditing your time and outsourcing

    • And lots more!

You can secure your spot for a $160 deposit (+ two other $160 payments due by the end of the program.)

Click here to get started!

That’s it for now! Keep up with me here:

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