Why I'm Voting for President Obama (And You Should Too!)

Barack Obama inherited a disaster.  The nation was on the brink of a depression, thanks largely in part due to financial mistakes made by his predecessor.  Countless Americans were losing their homes.  Even more were unemployed.  Two wars were waging in the middle east and Detroit's auto industry was on the brink of collapse.  And on top of inheriting an America of financial burden, thousands of our own LGBT brothers and sisters were being denied basic human rights.  Women were not getting proper health coverage, and earning a fraction of what their male counterparts were. President Barack Obama has not achieved everything he hoped for - but he has accomplished a whole lot more than I expected him to.  The war in Iraq was ended, responsibly.  The terrorist behind the 9/11 attacks has been defeated.  Same-sex couples can rest assured that when their loved one gets sick, they are now legally permitted to support them during their hospital stay.  Our brave military men and women can serve their country and love openly, without fear.  Thanks to Health Care Reform, American families will no longer have to choose between paying the bills or taking sick children to the doctor.  Women are given the opportunity to take charge of their health decisions, from preventive cancer screenings to birth control.

Today I write on the four-year anniversary of President Obama's victory.  I will never forget that day; I spent over twelve hours working in the field, knocking doors and making calls.  It was a beautiful fall day in Michigan - oddly warm and sunny.  It's only been four short years, but this nation has progressed exponentially since Obama's election.  I refuse to go backwards.

Mitt Romney is likable enough, at the surface.   Smart businessman who governed a successful state.  But by digging a little deeper, you'll find inconsistency and immorality.  I have a hard time arguing many of his positions, because they've changed so many times I don't know what they are anymore.  What I do know is that his V.P. pick Paul Ryan couldn't tell the country that burning Qur'ans was immoral during his debate against Vice President Joe Biden.  I know that Mitt Romney endorsed a guy who thinks rapes resulting in pregnancy are truly a gift from God.  I know that Mitt believes same-sex adoption is "not right on paper, not right in fact".  I also know that Romney is a millionaire with many off-shore investments.  I know part of his success comes from the fact that he outsourced jobs to China.

I am quite confident that Mitt Romney knows how to run a successful business.  My country, however, is not a business and my President needs to know how to do more.

I am not voting against Mitt Romney.  I am voting FOR President Obama.

Whoever you support, please make sure you exercise your Constitutional right and vote for someone this Tuesday.

Visit GottaVote.com to find your polling place and a list of things you'll need to bring to get your ballot!  And please don't forget to vote down the entire ballot. The President isn't the only one that makes decisions that affect us, you know (and right now, he needs a lot of help)!

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