Who Killed Jenny Schecter!?

As dedicated L Word fan, I do not think anyone was more excited about the series finale than me. I waited and waited, and even did unethical things - watched it illegally online - to keep up with the lesbo dramz. Season six opens with Jenny Schecter on a stretcher. So of course, throughout the entire season, I came up with multiple suspects. It didn't help that in every episode someone would utter "I fucking hate Jenny Schecter" or "Jenny Schecter is dead to me". Final episode. Takes forever. Last fifteen minutes until I even begin to see the makings of a murder/suicide/accidental death. And then she is dead. That's exactly how it happens. The girls are sitting at a party and ask Alice to find her. She comes in like two minutes later freaking out about how Schecter is dead. Alice Pieszecki did not kill Jenny Schecter. Of course she is the most likely suspect; she absolutely despised her, and even more than Jenny, Shane's relationship with Jenny. But there was not enough time for her to push her off a railing, hold her underwater, whatever, and kill her. I think that bitch Niki did it (hello, why was she running out of the bushes) or she killed herself.

I am actually pretty positive Jenny did it herself because Bette and Tina kept talking about the railing not being finished and to be careful. There is a scene of Bette and Jenny on the stairs...Jenny is inches from falling off. But did she fall or did she jump?

But The L Word is definitely the best show I have ever seen! I am very sad it is over. There may or may not be a spin-off, featuring my fave, Miss Pieszecki, but spin-offs always suck. The L Word tackled every issue in the book: hetero relationships, gay relationships, rape, breast cancer, drug/alcohol/gambling addiction, transgender issues, "don't ask, don't tell", racial identity, infidelity, adoption, abortion, even a deaf lesbian...

Epic show. Makes me want to move to Los Angeles and swear off men.