What's Your Number?

Anna Faris is twenty-something Ally in What's Your Number, released this weekend.  A recently unemployed Bostonian with a less-than-stellar taste in men, she succumbs to the harsh reality that she's slept with too many men after reading an article in Marie Claire. Determined not to sleep with more than 20 men (and end up alone forever, according to the magazine), she begins a frantic search for a reignited flame with one of her many ex-lovers.

With the help of her neighbor Colin, played by Chris Evans, she tracks her exes down one by one.  Some are working in the same bar they were nine years ago, and some are busy changing the world, but Ally begins to realize exactly why each of them didn't work out.  And of course, in typical blockbuster fashion, the girl has a very hard time resisting the guy with the guitar.

This film was as entertaining for my boyfriend as it was for me - a true romantic comedy.  Not the sappy, chick-flick style romantic comedy, but a truly hilarious movie.  Set in Boston, one of my all-time favorite cities, everything was pretty, from the skyline at night to Ally's shabby-chic apartment.

Although Joel McHale, Andy Samberg, and Chris Evans all make appearances in the film, Anna Faris completely steals the show.  She is a true girl's girl; cute and loveable, with a stroke of comedic genius.  Anna Faris has been on the silver screen for awhile now, with films like Scary Movie, House Bunny, Lost in Translation, and of course my favorite, Smiley Face on her resume, so I am excited to see her stealing the spotlight once again in this week's release of What's Your Number.  I think she's brillant - wishing her lots of success in the future!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9stplJF1ek]