What to Expect at Generation Beauty

It's hard to believe that I'll be attending my second Generation Beauty event soon, and I honestly couldn't be more excited. If you're still on the fence about going to this year's Generation Beauty Toronto, my discount code 'LATASHAJ425' will get you 40% off a ticket here! And if this is your first event (or if you just need to get pumped up for it!), make sure to check out the tips below. I didn't know all of these things before I attended my first Gen Beauty in San Francisco, but I'm sure glad I know them all now!

Get There Early

I know, I know... fashionably late is the way to go. But at Generation Beauty, it's best to get there on time (or early) for a few key reasons. 1. If you're lucky enough to get invited to the Cocktail Party, the goodie bags (you know, those huge ones) are given out on a first-come-first-serve basis. In San Francisco, I was given a ticket when I walked in the door, which was exchanged at the end of the event for the gigantic bag filled with goodies from Benefit Beauty, Luxie Beauty, NYX Cosmetics, and more. 

Although I was lucky to miss the rush in San Francisco, I've also heard that getting into Day 1 can be a nightmare if you're not timely. Besides actually entering quickly, it's a smart idea to get to your most-desired booths first thing -- before the PR reps are exhausted and before they start shutting down or running out of product.

Go Prepared

If nothing else, make sure to bring business cards! Generation Beauty gives you a rare opportunity to interact with creators and brand representatives one on one, instead of just from behind a computer screen. The more memorable you can make yourself, the better -- so make sure that your cards are eye-catching and include your contact information and quick links to your social platforms. You'll also want to bring something to write with and a battery pack for your phone wouldn't hurt, either. Sometimes brand reps run out of cards, so having the ability to write down or snap a pic of their contact info will help you avoid missing the opportunity to connect.

Don't have cards or a custom email address yet? I can help! Just click on on 'Request a Quote' here, under the new Elevating Influence Starter Kit option. This new package was created exclusively for influencers and helps you create a unique presence for your brand on the web and off. 

Dress Appropriately

Unless you live in one of the major cities that Gen Beauty is held in, you'll likely be traveling to get to the event. And this goes for any trip, really... make sure to check the weather before you head out! I recommend dressing in layers, as the event space can often go from cold to hot after a few laps. One other pro tip: wear flats. As important as looking cute is, saving your feet is crucial. The last thing you want to do is get too exhausted to finish talking to all of the brands you set out to see.

P.S. You don't need a big purse. Most of the brands give out bags of their own to carry your loot home in.

Get Social

I'm pretty introverted by nature, but Generation Beauty makes for a really great environment to socialize in. One thing I did before taking off to SF was connect with some of my influencer friends online and arrange to meet up before or during the event. There is definitely power in numbers, and building your own little girl gang is pretty easy to do by joining Facebook groups and getting active on Twitter.

Another thing you should never hesitate to do is talk to the brand reps directly. If I wasn't particularly interested in waiting for the freebie at a booth, I'd skip the line and seek out a PR rep instead. Getting a few minutes of face time with them and dropping off my card was so valuable.

Pack Light

Again... this mainly applies to people who are traveling, and boy was I glad I took this step! If you're flying, bring an extra suitcase or backpack and prepare to check it on the way home... you are going to leave with SO. MUCH. STUFF. I was honestly shocked at how generous ipsyOS was with the goodie bags, and the brands are just as sweet at their booths.

Check out my haul below to see just how much I went home with!