We Will Weather the Storm

I thought that I was done thinking about gay marriage and found myself highly optimistic once states like Vermont and Iowa legalized it. Then Miss California and all of the controversy that surrounds her came along and again I am feeling discouraged, disgusted, and angry at many of my fellow Americans. I cannot even begin to describe how painful it is to hear people say things that are so unfair and hurtful - and I am not even gay. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be in a gay relationship knowing that it would never be recognized legally. Yeah, I am a girl and even though I am cynical and not all that traditional, I still dream about my wedding dress. What if I never had that to look forward to?

I have a lot to say about the issue, but one of the most disgusting things I find about the whole thing is the "protection of families". First of all, being gay does not take away your ability to love and care for a child. Secondly, gay people are adopting and having children all of the time - wouldn't it be better if they were legally married? And lastly - most importantly, I find it extremely sexist and barbaric that it is just assumed that a married man and woman are going to have children. I do not know if I ever want to have kids. EVER. Does that mean I should not be allowed to marry? There is a notion in our culture that women are put here to have children and that freaks me out. Sure, biologically I am equipped but why do I have to take that path? Why does any married couple have to take that path? Why is it assumed that every gay person has to take that path? And if they do, then what is the difference? I was raised by a single mother, I had very little contact with any man until I was in school and I turned out okay. Wouldn't it be even better if I was raised by two loving mothers or fathers?

So instead of sitting around and complaining, I am asking where do we go from here?