Artist Spotlight: Waterparks


Three words: Pop. Punk. Revival.

Nothing says summer like a good, loud, punk pop song and I haven't heard anything new in... forever. Until I discovered these guys.

They're called Waterparks and they hail from Texas. They're classic summertime pop punk, perfect for fans of Blink 182, Taking Back Sunday, or Scary Kids Scaring Kids. I'll admit this can be something of a guilty pleasure genre for me, but I'm not ashamed to say that I am a huge Waterparks fan. Pop punk can often be done carelessly and without talent, but that's not something these guys lack.

They just released a video for their latest single "New Wave" (below) and it's definitely drawing the fan girl out of me. Not only am I a big fan of the track, but the video is genius. I've been playing their previously released EP Airplane Conversations on repeat, and they're dropping a new one on June 5th.

You can download Airplane Conversations (name your price) here.

I'm a huge fan of I Was Hiding Under Your Porch (Because I Love You), Fantastic, and They All Float, but all of the songs are stellar.

"So even though I stopped this once not so long ago, I never made my mistakes; you'll never reap what you sow."

"I can’t wait to go outside, I’ve spent my summers contemplating what I’m gonna do with my life. And I still don’t know."

"One of these days, Someone will come to replace me along with the dreams I’ve got and make these modern days seem small, but this time I’ll do things the way you wanted, it’s not right, but it’s just the way you want it. "

If you yearn for 2002 all the time like I do, I'm sure you'll become a big fan.

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