Washington, DC Sucks.

I am not saying I haven't enjoyed my summer.

I just think that it is time to be honest and admit that this city is possibly the worst city in the world. A few reasons I love Michigan more:
1. Worst customer service ever.
People are just rude. I think I've been to one or two restaurants this whole summer that I felt actually treated me right.
2. People are ugly, or at least dress that way.
Every 20-something girl has a weekday uniform; knee-length skirt or dress, ugly flats and a ponytail. Okay, I understand the ponytail seeing as it's like a billion degrees...
3. The weather is HORRIBLE. It is so humid. I've had like two semi-nice days here. And there's not even a lake or ocean to escape to. The closest beach is like three hours away and I don't trust community pools...I have heard they are wicked crowded anyway.
4. Bringing a car is nearly impossible. Well first off, you have to either buy a parking pass or compete for the few free parking streets. Not to mention street cleaning days, I've picked up at least $120 in parking tickets for forgetting to move my car. And the actual driving part - oh god, it's not even worth it. Traffic is right behind Los Angeles in suck-factor, if that tells you anything. And then, when you finally get to your destination, you'll have to walk at least a few blocks because street parking is impossible. And there are no parking lots anywhere. No free ones, at least.
5. And finally - it's expensive. Alright, compared to a lot of places, I guess it's not that bad. Going out to eat can be cheap, but coming from Michigan I have standards in other places. Like the movies. I can get a $5 student ticket anytime in Kalamazoo. I can see an independent or foreign film for $3! Student tickets are $10+ here. Rent is unbelievable. Even compared to Los Angeles they're bad. LOS ANGELES - a world-famous city with great weather, shopping, beaches...yeah, that L.A. has cheaper rent than D.C. Seriously!?
Needless to say, I would never spend time here again. I would definitely give winter, fall, or spring a chance. Maybe I would actually be inspired to leave my house once in awhile if I could actually breathe without all the heat and humidity clogging my lungs. But yeah, it's an annoying place. The good things about this city are good things about most any city: entertainment, good food, reliable public transportation.
I can't wait to get back to Kalamazoo!
Where should I go next? I want to try my hand at being a SoCal girl at some point, ya dig? I really cannot handle Midwest/East Coast weather. It's just SO BAD.