Wahlburgers Detroit: Worth The Hype?

Full disclaimer: My feelings about his restaurant do not in any way reflect how I feel about Mark Wahlberg as a human.

When a new restaurant opens in town, my first reaction is to scan the menu for anything that I can actually eat (sans gluten, mucho veggies, and preferably light in dairy.) I've never been a huge Marky Mark fan so Wahlburgers Detroit wasn't really at the top of my list, but I discovered they had gluten-free buns and decided I had to stop in.

Situated in the heart of Greektown, Wahlburgers is the perfect spot for lunch if you work nearby, or for a quick cheap date or post-bar meal. I rarely go downtown since I no longer work down there, but I have to admit, venturing out on a Friday night was a nice reminder of why I moved to the city in the first place.

We debated waiting in line, considering it was at least 20 or so people long... Since the place just opened, I was expecting a wait, but this is still Detroit (I mean that with love.) I refuse to wait longer than an hour for a bite to eat anywhere here. Luckily, the line's bark was bigger than its bite. We were seated on the patio within 15 minutes.

So here's the bummer: They don't have veggie burgers. BUT they do indeed have gluten-free buns (and even croutons!) 

I was a little bummed, but settled for the portobello sandwich. I hate mushrooms, but I didn't really have any other choices (besides salad or sides.) To my surprise, I actually LOVED this burger! The portobello really just acts as a filler and this hearty sandwich features tons of other ingredients to make up for it. And the wahl sauce? To die for. The gluten-free bun was flavorful, but did fall apart just a tad. I can't complain: the perfect gluten-free bun is rare, but it definitely does exist, just not here.

They also have a decent wine/beer selection, as well as desserts, floats, and sodas. The tater tots I ordered were quite possibly the best I've ever had, and my boyfriend's fries were pretty alright, too. In terms of price, this place isn't half bad. It's a little on the higher side for a burger joint, but it makes sense considering the name and location. I'll be honest, it's never going to replace my beloved Famous Hamburger, but it'll satisfy my burger craving when I'm too lazy to make the drive.

Check 'em out at 569 Monroe Ave. in Detroit.

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