Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale Goodies


P1020572 If you watched my latest haul video, you would know that I adore Victoria's Secret makeup! Their semi-annual sale is a great time to stock up on goodies, specifically their seasonal eyeshadow palettes. I picked up this Fierce Angel Cheek & Eye Palette along with three single eyeshadows; Luxe Life, a shimmery lilac color, Wild at Heart, a matte deep purple, and Lights Out, a matte black.


Luxe Life


Wild at Heart


Lights Out


Here are all three colors swatched. The matte colors are surprisingly pigmented! A little goes a long way - especially with the matte black shade. Luxe Life is less shimmery than it appears in the package, which was a pleasant surprise for me as I am not a huge fan of shimmer. The stay-power is great on these shadows as well. Beware of fallout  - although it is not extreme, you definitely get a bit with the two matte colors.


The Fierce Angle Cheek & Eye Palette has gorgeous packaging - this photo does not do it justice! It features a large mirror with a secure closing compact, as well as a huge sparkly gem on the backside.


The three eyeshadow shades are all shimmery - I'd expect nothing else from Victoria's Secret. My favorite is the warm brown tone; a please-all crease color. The blush is a classic pink, which I wish would have been a warmer tone to better suit the shadows, but I can't complain for the price I paid ($8-9 at Semi-Annual Sale).


Surprisingly, these shadows were not nearly as pigmented as the single shadows. Even the blush was very faint swatched on my arm. The stay power of these shadows did not compare to the singles, either. I created a look over the NYX HD Eyeshadow Base and it creased and faded after just a few hours. The black stayed on quite well compared to the other two, but the lighter colors just could not compete.


Overall, I'd say these single shadows were a great value at a little over $4 a piece. The matte black is a color that I can see myself using quite often, and the other two are gorgeous special occasion colors. Although the colors on the Fierce Angel palette were gorgeous, I'd pass and opt for a longer-wearing palette or a few single shadows. I will be forever in love with the packaging though!

Did you pick anything up at the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale? I'd love to hear about your deals!