Travel Essentials Haul


The BeautyCon countdown is real.

In just 17 days I will be boarding a plane to New York City for the first time ever. I'm nervous but mostly excited, although despite my perfectionist nature I don't have our trip planned nearly as much as I'd like. If you have any tips or "must-see" spots in NYC (we're staying in Brooklyn), I'd love to hear from you!

P1040378Anyway, I picked up a few travel essentials I knew I'd need after filming my travel makeup video (which will be live on May 18). I got everything I needed at Target and the Dollar Tree and while it's not much, these items are too cute to not be photographed.

P1040381I'm not sure if I'll actually need these since we're only staying for 3 nights, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. This 2 pack of razors is from the Dollar Tree (I've used them before and they're actually quite nice for disposables), and I love the full size EOS Shave Cream I already own, so this mini from Target was a must-have. It was only $1! P1040383 Obviously, I plan on caking on the makeup for BeautyCon (hehe) so I purchased this 5 pack of wet cleansing towelettes from Pond's and a 25 pack of eye makeup remover pads from e.l.f., both $1. I've never tried the e.l.f. pads but I figured they would be easier to travel with than carrying around any kind of liquid. I've used the Pond's towelettes before and I really like them, so I was excited to find them in a travel size.P1040390What's a trip without Hello Kitty? I have a bit of an obsession, if you didn't know, so when I found this child's toothbrush set for $3 at Target, it was game over. Don't judge me! It comes with a handy little case, a toothbrush (which is a bit on the small side, but totally usable), and a mini Kid's Crest. Yummy! And I've become obsessed with this Dove Clinical Protection deodorant after trying it out. Deodorant is obviously a necessity, and this one is super tiny and travel friendly. The mini deodorant was $3 at Target, as well.