Toronto Travel Diary

Honestly... I haven't fallen this hard for a city since I decided to move to Detroit. Toronto is clean, it's vibrant, super cute and kinda classy. I was so lucky to get invited to Generation Beauty Toronto and since this city was on my 2017 Bucket List, I jumped at the chance. Norris tagged along for the trip and I went to Gen Beauty with my gorgeous and sweet influencer friend, Ashley Bond of Ashley Bond Beauty. We even got our picture taken for Elle Canada (wut 😳)!

Here's everything we did and all the things we ate...


The Saint James Hotel [details]

Staying at this hotel was not really by choice; almost everything was booked, but I definitely wasn't disappointed. Though it wasn't my favorite hotel ever, our room was huuuuge for a city center, the location couldn't be more perfect, and it was safe and clean. Major downsides: parking was really strange (but affordable) and breakfast wasn't very satisfying for a gluten-free vegetarian. Probably amazing for people without food restrictions, though! There's a Freshii attached to this hotel and they offer oatmeal, a pocket, and juice for free to guests. 


Thompson Toronto [details]

Metro Toronto Convention Centre [details]

This Generation Beauty Cocktail Party location was the best I've ever seen so far! It took place on the roof of the Thompson Hotel and made for some pretty spectacular views. Unfortunately I arrived late and didn't get a chance to get a good photo, but maybe some things just aren't meant to be photographed. The convention centre was a pretty perfect spot for the conference, too; it was roomy and easy to navigate. As always, ipsyOS was super generous with their creator goodie bags, and it was so fun meeting all of the brands in attendance.


Lola's Kitchen [details]

The Grapefruit Moon [details]

Hibiscus Cafe [details]

Hero Burger [details]

Toronto is definitely one of the most gluten-free and veggie friendly cities I've traveled to in recent memory. My absolute favorite spot was Hibiscus, but everything I ate on this trip was good. Lola's Kitchen is a bar/brunch spot with a quinoa bowl that made my whole morning. The Grapefruit Moon was the coolest little hidden gem, positioned right on the corner in a neighborhood with a cool outdoor eating area. Simple food (I got nachos) with a great drink list, if you're into that kind of thing. And Hero Burger is a fast food spot similar to Five Guys, except they actually have gluten-free buns and vegetarian patties. I'm obsessed with burgers so this was a huge hit for me, and the fries were incredible. The veggie patty wasn't my favorite since it's made out of soy, but it was pretty good for fast food.


Toronto Eaton Centre [details]

Every time we go to a big city, we always have to hit up Uniqlo. It's funny; I didn't realize this until last weekend, but all of my favorite jeans were purchased there. We're also huge Topshop fans and I got a crazy deal on some cute jewelry pieces -- stay tuned for a mini haul in a video soon. I wasn't expecting a mini Times Square, but that's exactly what Dundas Square feels like. It's super cool, and was even more amazing to be there for Pride weekend. We caught bits and pieces of parades and marches and even hung out a few blocks from where Justin Trudeau was on Sunday. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 11.18.46 PM.png


The Organic Press [details]

Bunner's Bakeshop [details

Jimmy's Coffee [details]

I don't drink alcohol, so I am allll about coffees, juices, and teas. Jimmy's Coffee and The Organic Press satisfied those needs pretty darn well. And even though I'm not a huge sweets person, it was pretty much impossible for me to pass up a 100% gluten-free and vegan bakery. The cinnamon rolls at Bunner's Bakeshop blew my mind. You can order their cookbook here if you want to recreate the magic. ✨

Have you ever been to Toronto? I know I barely scratched the surface of things to do, and you better believe I'll be back soon.

What do you recommend I check out next?