Top 10: Something Corporate


"I'm always under the persuasion that we save ourselves." -Andrew McMahon, to HuffPost Live, on what it feels like when fans say he's saved their lives

I remember there first time I heard a Something Corporate song, it was probably around 2003 after their release of North, and though I had never heard of the band before seeing them, "Konstantine" was impossible to get out of my head. I quickly went on a musical discovery, purchasing every album and EP that I could get my hands on, and I guess you could say I fell in love.

Though the band hasn't been together for years, frontman Andrew McMahon is releasing his solo EP today, after success with his side-project Jack's Mannequin, and also battling leukemia. In a strange way, I feel like I've grown up with him, and I can't wait to see where this record takes him. Wishing him (and the rest of the band) much success.

I've compiled a list, and I have to admit: this was so difficult! Let me know what your top ten SoCo songs are!

1. Walking By, Audioboxer EP

"And you loved sunset strip when it sparkled, you grew up and you sparkled, but why don't you care?"

2. Cavanaugh Park, Leaving Through the Window

"At Cavanaugh Park, where you used to take me to play in the sand and said to me, 'Son one day you'll be a man, and men can do terrible things,' yes they can"

3. Konstantine, Audioboxer EP

"I had these dreams, in them I'd learn to play guitar, maybe cross the country - become a rockstar, and there was hope in me that I could take you there, but damn, you're so young, but I don't think I care"

4. Down, North

"Let's get crazy, talk about our big plans, places that you're going, places that I haven't been, build my walls up - concrete castle, keep this kingdom, free of hassle, yeah"

5. Watch the Sky, North (limited release)

"I've been up for days, I finally lost my mind and then I lost my way , I'm blistered but I'm better and I'm home"

6. Straw Dog, Leaving Through the Window

"Jessica's covered in a blanket on a Sunday porch, thinking of weekends, she would party in the city, she doesn't have a flame - she'd prefer to burn out like a torch, if she gets nowhere in life, at least she knows she's pretty"

7. Only AshesNorth

"Part by part & inch by inch, you'll have your mile when it's through, incinerate what's left of this, and torch the part of me that's you"

8. Ben Franklin's KiteReady...Break

"And no, I don't feel right, I can see but I've lost my sight, I'm high, so high, like Ben Franklin's kite... maybe I'm crazy, but lightning might strike me tonight"

9. Caldecott Tunnel, Galaxy Sessions

"Been here with my problems, I don't need the light, they're bigger than darkness, and darker than night"

10. 21 and Invincible, North

"Some days go by, I wish I were famous - or maybe religious, so I could go to Heaven just like you"