Throwback Thursday: My First Gig


I make Throwback Thursday posts on my personal Instagram sometimes, and while some of them are super predictable, I think others hold more meaning, and maybe - deserve a bit of explaining.

Today I posted this: a picture of the credits for the very first professional-ish video gig I had. My friend, a very talented (and now very successful), theatre major asked to me film a few sequences to play throughout the performance, a sort of transmedia project, if you will. I think he was happy with the end result, and I was too, but one can learn so much from looking back.

Technically, there were a few errors (obviously.) I was in the very beginning of my studies as a film major, and had really only taken one production class. I was also shooting on a Canon GL2, anyone remember that? I edited in Final Cut by way of mini DV - yes, a tape. It's amazing how far video has come in just a few short years. This was 2008, by the way.

I think despite the flaws, the work I did for this play had meaning, and depth, and really means a lot to me to this day. I was beyond lucky to work with extremely talented actors of course, but I also have to remark on the fearlessness that I had back then. Today, when I'm commissioned for a project, I think of what could go wrong before anything else: I could forget backup SD cards, or I could be late to the shoot, or my audio could get wonky. Or I think of what I don't have: be it equipment, filming locations, or talent. I compare myself to others: in talent, in cost, and in knowledge. In 2008, I couldn't care less about those things. I was excited to be creative and create art with beautiful, talented people.

So note to self: Be more like you were when you were young and green. You have the potential to create amazing things. It's not about the money. It's about doing what you love. Be fearless.

...But don't ever upload something in 144p again. What is that, even?

This relic of the past brought me back to an amazing time in my life, and the only regret I have is not saving a master file of my work. Thank God for YouTube.