This City Needs to Eat

MTV's The City is just another pathetic attempt at faking Cinema Verite, in the same vein of Laguna Beach and The Hills. Whitney Port of The Hills moves from Los Angeles to New York City to pursue a career in fashion. Right.

Anyway, it has become my newest obsession. The one thing that I find kind of hilarious and kind of disgusting is how thin these girls are, one in particular - Allie Crandell. She is a freak of nature. I cannot tell if her face is pretty or not, she has these bug-like eyes and she cannot possibly weigh more than 90 pounds. It is weird. In one episode, Kelly Cutrone, fashion entrepreneur, continuously asks Allie if she is okay, implying that she had an eating disorder. It was classic. Allie is a "model" with a "boyfriend" who cheats on her.

Actually, all of the girls either cheat on or are cheated on by their boyfriends.

Nothing new there.

It's reality TV!