The Ugly Sister

Image © Glenn Francis

I know I've been doing a lot of complaining on here lately, but let's get real, ladies - I can't be the only one who is perpetually confused by the harsh criticism reality star/socialite Khloe Kardashian has received about her weight.

In the first issue of Cosmopolitan Middle East, the youngest Kardashian sister opened up saying,

 "I'm the ugly sister, I'm the fat one. I'm the transvestite. I have had those mean things said about me at least twice a day for the last five years. It's horrible, you know? But I can brush that stuff off."

You know those days when you wake up with a migraine and the house to yourself on your day off of work?  Those days when nothing in your closet looks good but your PJ's?  You've watched every thought-provoking documentary in your Netflix queue and your brain might explode from all that deep thinking.  Those are the days I find myself sitting through hours upon hours of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.  It's nearly undeniable that most people would find all three members of the super elite Kardashian clan charming in their owns ways.  The show can be quite endearing and at other times mind-numbingly dramatic.  The girls prance around their store in Calabasas wearing sky-high heels and fancy dresses, and after "work" they go on photo shoots and hang out with their famous friends.  Cinema Verite on designer drugs.  

On the show, each sister has a certain stereotype she must fit into, Kim:  the bombshell, Kourtney:  the responsible, classy lady, and Khloe:  the ogre?  Sure, she may tower over her big sisters, and no, she wasn't blessed with their killer dark features.  But it's hard for me to comprehend how anyone, especially someone like Perez Hilton, can justify comparing her to a transvestite...

Honestly, Khloe is the only character that makes the show watchable for me.  She is witty and bold.  She constantly makes fun of the insanity that is her family, yet is always there to protect them when they need her.  So again I find myself asking, what is the definition of beauty?  Is it skin, hair, nails, and makeup, or integrity and character?  Khloe's sister Kim seems to obsess about her appearance, and acts like a spoiled brat on the show (sorry, but it's true).  Khloe, on the other hand, does what she can to help those in need, including animals (she'd rather go naked than wear fur).  She is the only sister who is married, and she seems genuinely happy.  No, you should never let another person validate your self-worth, but having someone volunteer to share their lives with you must mean something, right?

So maybe she's not the best-looking sister.  But she does seem to be the kindest, the most authentic, and definitely the funniest.  And those are qualities that I, and other people should find beautiful.  

So quit calling yourself ugly, all you Khloe's of the world.  I think you're beautiful, and so should you.