The Soundtrack To My Life


Wow, LJ! You sure have done a great job of neglecting this blog.

I've been busy, which I know is an annoying excuse, but it's true. Plus, I just haven't been in the mood for writing. This is something I've always struggled with as a creator; allowing lack of motivation to prevent me from doing what I should. When I have writer's block, I get it bad and it lasts for weeks until I finally find inspiration. It's weird because a recurring theme in my blogging career has been music as inspiration, and that's exactly what prompted me to write today.

I recently filmed the "Soundtrack To My Life" tag, which asked me to discuss a ton of my favorite (and not so favorite) songs. I'm leaving it below, and I also created this playlist with songs from the tag so you can watch/listen if you care to do so.

I just listened to it while doing some work, and realized how much I love some of these tunes. Specifically the last three: Gone Til November by Wyclef Jean, We Have a Map of the Piano by múm, and Couches in Alleys by Styrofoam & Ben Gibbard.

Gone Til November is one of the first songs I really remember knowing. My dad played it all the time, and in the remix Wyclef says "Michelle my belle", a nickname my dad still calls me by sometimes, since Michelle is my middle name. My birthday is in May so "January, February, March, April, May" always had a place in my heart, too. And fun fact: Bob Dylan makes a cameo in the video at 2:27. Say what?!

One of my dear friends introduced me to We Have a Map of the Piano sometime last year. He was really important to me, but for whatever reason we don't really talk anymore. I think that contributes to the longing feeling this song leaves me with. It's so eerie, beautiful, and kind of weird. I love it. I think it's in my top 3 favorite songs of all times. Just so good.

I remember seeing this video for Couches in Alleys back in MySpace days. I've always been a Ben Gibbard/Death Cab for Cutie fan, but this song is really something special. It references Jack (as in Kerouac, of course) and that means a whole lot if you've ever read On the Road. I love this era of Gibbard's music too, pretty sure it was in his Postal Service days and the electro vibes with subtle stylistic autotune fit so well with his voice.

Check out the tag down below and feel free to do it if you'd like! You can always leave your answers in the comments, too. I'd love to hear some of your favorite songs!