A Night at The Container Store

The Container Store is opening at a location that's dangerously close to me, and I couldn't be more excited.

They put on an awesome preview party for the Troy, Michigan location, which opens on Saturday, September 17th.

You're probably wondering... Did I even like The Container Store until today? I don't really know. My idea of it was just a bunch of random boxes and bins for your kitchen or nursery... I'd never shopped there and never really needed to, or so I thought. Spoiler alert: I now want something from every section. Namely this closet, which isn't the most realistic for my current lifestyle, but there are tons of easy pieces for apartment dwellers here too - I was really shocked at how affordable this place is!

Some of the random things I got excited about and never knew I needed until now: stackable shoe racks, glass cookie jars (literally squealed when I found them), a shower mirror, a small bookcase that can double as a bar cart, an acrylic stapler, and some seriously stylish carafes. It's the little things, guys.

I'll be heading back on Saturday (shopping buddy, anyone?), especially because 10% of the first weekend's sales will be going to benefit Humble Design, a local nonprofit which helps furnish homes for the formerly homeless. Love. It. 


I swear this closet does something for my soul. It's beeeeautiful.

Know what else was beautiful about this night? Food. Tons of food. Everywhere. It was literally coming out of the woodwork. 

They fed us well (good drinks too - just sparkling water for me though) and got me super pumped for my move next month...

... Which I guess I technically haven't told you guys about yet! I'll share some details as it gets closer, but let me know if you'd like to see some home decor posts and videos added to the site. Maybe my haul from The Container Store will make a little cameo. 😉

In the area? Make sure to visit The Container Store in Troy at 805 E. Big Beaver Road. They'll open at 9am this Saturday!