So today I am pretending I am still a film student and right now I am about to do half of my final exam.  We are supposed to talk about 10 of our favorite films in terms of cinematography, editing, narrative, etc.  I am not explaining shit but I will tell you my top ten films of ALL TIME.

10.  Kids
Larry Clark.
I wish I had space to put all of Larry Clark's films on here, because he really is amazing.  He is so good at capturing the rawness of life.  This film did freak me out though.

9.  Dial M For Murder
Alfred Hitchcock.
His best movie, in my opinion.  Hitchcock is always visually compelling, but the script is what makes this movie the best.
8.  The Wackness
Jonathan Levine.
People never think of a film set in the 90's as a period piece, but this is a great example of one.  It makes me miss the music, the slang, the clothes.  Probably one of the best soundtracks I've heard and features a surprisingly talented cast (Mary Kate Olsen...a real actress?!).
7.  Closer
Mike Nichols.
I will admit that I was hesitant when I heard the play was going to be adapted for the screen.  That is always scary and sometimes disastrous (Rent...nuff said).  I also kind of hate Natalie Portman's whiny little girl qualities, as well as Julia Roberts' smiley annoying qualities, but for some reason everything just worked.  One of the prettiest films in terms of cinematography.
6.  The Virgin Suicides
Sofia Coppola.
Sofia is the queen of pretty.  Kirsten Dunst is fabulous and looks so beautiful on screen.  The music is amazing.  The story is heartbreaking.
5.  Breakfast at Tiffany's
Blake Edwards.
Holly Golightly is the definition of glamour.  There are some unbelievable shots.  And Audrey Hepburn's rendition of "Moon River" might just be my favorite moment in cinematic history ever.
4.  Requiem for a Dream
Darren Aronofsky.
Paints a pretty haunting picture.  Brilliant editing - I love that puff snort pass shot.  And the colors are so beautiful.  Jennifer Connelly is one of my all time faves and her classic girl by water shot is wonderful.
3.  City of God
Fernando Meirelles/Katia Lund.
If anything can make being dirt poor in Brazil look fun, it is this movie.  Bright colors, fun music, beautiful actors, and brilliant editing make this film what it is.
2.  Elegy
Isabel Coixet.
This movie blew me away on so many levels.  Both Penelope Cruz and Sir Ben Kingsley delivered their best performances I've seen.  The score was breathtaking.  I am not being overdramatic when I say breathtaking.  It was so good.  Every shot was perfect.  I'm not kidding.  And the script was brilliant.  It is the story of a young woman falling in love with an older man.  Sounds simple but it was much more complex and felt so real.  Very relatable.
1.  Lost in Translation
Sofia Coppola.
I don't really feel like I need to explain, because if you know me at all, you know why I love this movie.  The acting was great, the shots were pretty, Tokyo was brilliantly thought out, and the feeling I got ending this movie was one I'd never felt before.