Start a Revolution - Stop Hating Your Body!


Is this really what you consider fat? Have we seriously got nothing better to talk about than some celebrity's weight gain? Let's also consider the fact that this event was one of Jessica Simpson's first in ages - of course she is not going to look as good as she did in her last music video. PEOPLE DO NOT LOOK LIKE THAT! It takes intense training and the magic of lighting, wardrobe, and Photoshop - that is all there is to it. I know very few people who look as good as Jessica Simpson, today or two years ago.

It is disgusting to me to see someone who is actually setting a somewhat attainable standard for young girls be treated in such a matter. She looks healthy, and that is refreshing. Even I, a somewhat tiny person, am sick of the size 0's and D-cups the media throws at us. Looking like that is typically not healthy and not REAL. It is embarrassing to me that grown men and women are talking so negatively about her - not just on gossip blogs, but even on cable news stations. Our new president was sworn into office eight days ago! Can we start talking about something that actually matters now?

I would still kill to look like Ms. Simpson.