Snobby Bloggers


I've been a blogger for over a decade. It's part of who I am. Probably part of who I'll always be. My blog is not my business, and this is not about my brand. I do what I do because I love it and because frankly, I have a hard time sharing my emotions without it. My blog doesn't really have a 'niche'. I don't optimize all of my posts. I don't spend hours a day on updates, and I don't even post regularly anymore. But it's a huge part of my identity and it makes sense to want to connect with other like-minded people... Right?

A lot of people don't really even know that I blog, and the reason for that is simple. You know how awkward blind dates are, right? Imagine being awkwardly introduced as a friend who blogs to another friend who blogs and having them want to do nothing but look at their nails and sip on their cocktail. Yeah, that happens. Often. Imagine being the introverted new girl in town and mustering up the courage to follow someone on Instagram, only to have them ignore the fact you even exist (despite the fact that you regularly attend the same events and have all of the same friends...)

It's exhausting.

When I started blogging (back before it was looked at as a revenue stream and when it was still considered deeply uncool), we stuck together. We were the underdogs. We weren't accepted by mainstream media, we weren't making money off of our content, and we sure as hell weren't being invited to swanky events with famous (or quasi-famous) people. We were just... normal people with weird hobbies. Today, things are different. I can't lie and say that I'm ungrateful for the additional income my blog and YouTube channel provides me, or that I don't appreciate the doors they have opened for me professionally. But when I meet someone who blogs, I light them up, not tear them down. I could care less if they haven't updated in a month or if they *only* have a few hundred Instagram followers. I love meeting people who have similar interests and I scoff at the way I've been treated by snobs. Maybe they have more followers than me. Maybe their photos look like they were just pulled out of an issue of Vogue. Maybe they're just jealous. Either way, is that really what it's about? Is that really who we are? Is that really why we blog?

I've stopped carrying business cards to parties. I've stopped checking the amount of page views or link clicks or Instagram followers I have. I've stopped attending events with the sole intention of 'networking'. I truly do not care. And unfortunately, I've stopped taking the first step towards forming friendships online, too. I wish that weren't the case, but I'm so over being on the awkward end of the cyber blind date.

If you've been in the blogosphere since the beginning, I'd love to know: How do you deal with snobby bloggers?

photo is recycled from Instagram, items clockwise from the top are: great lakes coffee, forever 21, and ragstock.