Should I Stay or Should I Go

It is very difficult for me to ignore a person's past.  It is difficult for me to trust.  I am not going to ramble on about why this is or try to feel sorry for myself about anything because it's not even that, I think I am just a realist and would rather wait for trust to build than end up hurt because of trusting someone too soon.

I am trying to realize that I was a completely different person a year ago.  I was a completely different person six months ago, really.  People make mistakes.  I should move on from that.  But then again I have never made a mistake that was that disgusting.  Literally vomit-inducing.  And sure I lie, but never about anything important.  Seriously.  
So now I am at a crossroads and I can choose to trust someone that I love or I can cling to the past.  My problem is that I really do not know how to look at this person anymore.  When I say I am disgusted I really mean it. 
Speaking of someone love, do you think love is possible without trust?  I think it is funny how love is probably one of the most commonly used words but it is one of the only words without a real definition.  
After analyzing this situation (which maybe one of you will have a clue about what I am talking about) I realized that I am so freakin old fashioned.  Is it bad that I like to keep my legs closed and want to be courted and dream about getting married and having little brats or is it bad that I believe sex should be reserved for love and that love takes time and recovering from love takes time and that exes should be out of your life forever?  Am I crazy?  I am just trying to live my dream life, that's all.  Maybe my standards are too high.
I refuse to settle.