18 Times We've All Been Carrie Bradshaw


18 years... That seems like a really long time ago, and it probably really is. Sex and the City debuted on some channel my family couldn't afford when I was way too young to understand what was going on (*cough* I was five), but somehow, everything about it remains so timeless. SATC has become something of a rite of passage for single women in *any* city, a journey that typically begins sometime in late high school and follows us... forever?

I've watched the series all the way through countless times, and for the most recent binge session, I even invited my beau. If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my show... or something like that. Some things never get old and I'm pretty sure I'll always be obsessed. I personally consider myself a Charlotte, but let's be honest:

Carrie was created to represent us all.

So here goes - The ultimate guide of Carrie Bradshaw GIF's, just in time for SATC's 18th birthday. Enjoy.

giphy (21)

That time you were totally feeling yourself.

giphy (5)

Annnd that time the world came crashing down. Don't worry... it gets better. 😘

giphy (6)

That time you could, so you did.

giphy (7)

And that time you just couldn't even.

giphy (12)

That time you realized exactly who your friends were.

giphy (8)

And that time you realized who they weren't.

giphy (9)

That time you were sooo over it (or him.)

giphy (14)

Followed by that time you had NONE OF the chill.

giphy (10)

That time your RBF took on a whole new form.

giphy (15)

And that time you couldn't possibly save face.

giphy (16)

That time you realized you're just not twenty anymore.

giphy (20)

And that time you were ready to risk it all. 😏

giphy (17)

That time you got tooooo deep.

giphy (18)

And that time he did it right back.

giphy (13)

That time you had your real-life princess moment...

giphy (19)

That time you realized maybe you've had a few...

giphy (11)

And of course: that time it all turned out okay (believe me - it will.)

giphy (22)


Photo Credit: Alan Light