Music Moment: Running With the Boys


My LIGHTS obsession is not a secret; I've written about the Canadian musician before, but she just released a new music video for her single Running With the Boys and I fell in love all over again.

This music video is perfection, from the lighting concept to the wardrobing to the narrative. It's everything a music video should be and it's just done so well (Amit Dabrai directed it, in case you were wondering.)

And LIGHTS is the most adorable human on the planet. There's not a ton of people who truly mesmerize me with their beauty but LIGHTS takes my breath away every time I see her (I warned you this was an obsession.) I really love her look because she's so cute and girly yet has sleeves of tattoos and has a very rock n roll sense of style. I love her jacket in the last shot, which includes a We Can Do It patch. Pretty darn cool.