Flashback Friday: Rooney


I was in 7th grade when this album was released (yikes!), and it still has a place in my heart over a decade later. Rooney's self-titled debut album reeks of California, pays homage to the retro surfer boy bands that came before them, and is even good enough to make me dance.

If It Were Up To Me is one of my favorite love songs: so stylish, so fun, and so very reminiscent of the way I feel about 99% of the people I've ever fallen in love with. Probably creepy. Probably a little obsessive. Hopeless romantic syndrome, can't even lie.

"I've done our charts and it says that we work as one, like the Jackson 5 and the Temptations."

Popstars honors what I love most: real rock n roll music. This album was released in 2003: prime time for bubblegum pop, lip synching, and cheesy robotic dance moves. This song was an appropriate jab at the industry that has never done real artistry enough justice.

"These are the words of the popstars - these are the words of the unsophisticated money machines, for the killers of rock n roll."

Daisy Duke: WTF is he even talking about? The feminist in me hates myself for loving this song, considering it goes against everything I believe in, but I was once that girl (we all probably were) and I don't even care. This song is gold.

"You're too young for me, but I can keep a secret - I'm in total control of the situation."

That Girl Has Love is one of the few songs that can physically make me cry, and if you've ever loved and lost someone to suicide, you'd probably respect those feels. Despite being a little depressing in content, musically I think it's one of the best on the album.

"Things will never be the same again - she'll always be seventeen."

Losing All Control... because what's a pop rock album without a ballad? And because we've all been there: Leave me alone (except not really, please just chase me and tell me everything's okay.) You know it.

"I'm losing you, I'm losing all control. Just let me be, just let me be alone for now."