Review: Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer

Let me start by saying that getting a tattoo on your hand is never a good idea.  No matter how hardcore and rebellious you think you are at the time, there will always be a time when you wish you could wash it off.  If you are still adamant about wanting a hand tattoo, please make sure to choose your tattooer wisely.  I made the mistake of getting a crappy tattoo from a new is raised, bigger than I wanted it, and blotchy in some stops.  Bottom line - it's ugly.

My ultimate goal is to get it lasered off, but until I come up with the money and the guts, I am exploring makeup as an option.  My first attempt was horrible - I used a combination of red lipstick, concealer, and powder.  It lasted for about a minute and was very obvious.  Today I went to Sephora and picked up Kat Von D's Tattoo Concealer.

The packaging is gorgeous, but don't let that make you think this product is ready to wear.  There are two suggested products to use along with this concealer;  a setting spray ($24) and a tattoo "eraser", in the form of a light pink pencil ($14).  I was not in the mood to spend over $60 on covering up a tiny tattoo, so I improvised.  I used elf's Lip Definer & Shaper and elf's Makeup Mist & Set ($3 each).

I started by outlining the tattoo with the pinkish (Shape) end of the lip pencil.  I then colored the tattoo in completely.  Next, with a concealer brush I applied a thin layer of the tattoo concealer, and waited for it to dry.  Then I applied another layer of concealer, let it dry, and applied a layer of pressed powder (I used elf's Clarifying Pressed Powder in Spice, $1).  I finished it off with one pump of the Mist & Set spray.

Check out the "hidden" tattoo after the jump.

Overall, I'm fairly impressed.  While the tattoo is still noticeable, all of the black ink is now a shade of tan that sort of matches my skin tone.  If my tattoo wasn't raised around the edges (again - choose your tattooer wisely...), I think this product would have worked great.  When wearing it with my everyday watch (see photo below), I am very satisfied.  It is barely noticeable and my watch hasn't rubbed any of the makeup off at all.


Pretty easy to use.  If you read the instructions on Sephora's website, you will probably end up satisfied.
A little goes a long way.  I used a tiny dab of concealer for each application, and it covered the black completely.
It's waterproof and long-lasting.  For someone like myself who wants to cover their tattoo at work, this part is important.  I've had it on for a couple of hours now and it's stayed pretty much in tact (and I even washed my hands twice).
Small selection of shades.  I had to go with Cocoa, the darkest shade, which is painfully obvious against my skin tone.  If I would have went a shade lighter, it would have been way too light.
Long application time.  This is not something you can just throw on.  It requires a total dry time of about 15 minutes, which might be a pain for a busy girl like myself.
Price.  Although $25 isn't too bad, I think the total package (tattoo eraser, concealer, and setting spray) is a bit of an investment.  I would prefer a smaller version of the concealer along with a mini pencil and spray, especially for small tattoos.
Bottom Line:
It's worth a shot.  I am satisfied and will use it for interviews and in other professional settings.  Although it doesn't completely erase the tattoo, it works better than I expected.  I would recommend it to someone who wants to cover up a tattoo for a special event, but I'm not sure I would want to apply it every day.