Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask Review



I am a long-time lover of face masks and all things pampering, so when Radical Skincare offered to send me their Revitalizing Mask, I couldn't say no*. Radical Skincare was created by two sisters from Malibu, California - the daughters of a world renowned Professor of Plastic Surgery. The ingredients in their skincare products have been clinically proven to fight free radicals, reduce wrinkles, and increase skin hydration.

Using innovative Trylacel technology, this mask radically transforms skin by infusing it with moisture and stimulating problem areas. My sensitve and dry winter skin has very specific needs at this time of year and I honestly had very low hopes for this product - but it truly did perform past my expectations.


It's no secret I'm a sucker for packaging, and this bottle has luxury written all over it. I love the twist-up dispenser and metallic detailing. The mask flows freely from the bottle without getting clogged or messy. The box itself is highly detailed and features explicit directions, ingredients, and company background.


Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask Application

I have to admit - this mask is one of the most simple I've ever used. Simply apply the product in a thin layer all over your clean face, let sit for five minutes, and rinse off with warm water. The product goes on clear and transforms into a whipped, creamy texture that literally snaps, crackles, and pops on your skin. Upon first use, I was a bit confused until I realized that is a sign of the product doing its job. The popping is the mask targeting problem areas and it is completely pain free - I'd compare the sensation to a light tickle.

The product itself is creamy versus sticky or gooey. I had no problem applying this with my fingertips, and unlike other masks I've tried, it didn't cling to my hair or cause a mess when removing.


After rinsing the mask off, I was shocked to feel how clean my skin felt. Pores are noticeably smaller, skin is soft, and it actually feels luminous. This wasn't just a normal post-face wash glow, but a glow that actually stuck around. Though I've only used the product consistently for about two weeks, I am noticing an overall improvement in my skin, especially when it comes to dryness around my nose and forehead area.


A 1 ounce package retails for $65 at Sephora, making this a bit of an investment - but I say it's well worth it. The mask is meant to be used twice per week, and only a small amount is needed for each application. I think this bottle will last a long time, and the results are some of the best I've seen in a facial mask.

Radical Skincare products are available at Sephora, Barneys New York, or Radical Skincare's website

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