Radical Skincare Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads REVIEW


I was beyond thrilled with my last sample from Radical Skincare, so when I got the opportunity* to try a new product from their range, I jumped on it. I've been fascinated with all things skincare lately, mainly due to bouts of acne and pore size.

Like the mask I tried, this product incorporates Trylacel technology, which combines antioxidants with anti-aging and soothing ingredients to protect and repair the skin. The goal of these pads is to remove dead cells, firm skin, reduce pore size, and hydrate.


I believe that packaging should match the price point of the product, and Radical Skincare so far has been great at delivering on this. I love that the box is durable and contains a ton of printed information about the ingredients and directions for use. The pads come in a grey-toned jar, which is pretty enough to leave sitting out on your vanity. It also closes securely which is nice considering the pads are pre-moistened.


Another thing Radical seems to do well is simplify the skincare process. These are extremely easy to use: simply take one and wipe your face and decollete area after washing your face. That's it. Again, they come pre-moistened so there is no need to fuss with messy creams or rinse anything off. This is a huge bonus for anyone like me who hates spending more than five minutes on her nighttime routine. Since you don't need to rinse these off, they could even be kept at your nightstand.



Immediately following application, my skin felt incredibly clean and super soft. With constant use, I did begin to notice a decrease in pore size (I have a few problem areas around my nose), and an overall improvement in the smoothness of my skin. I felt like makeup applied better and skin was generally cleaner. I did not experience any major breakouts in my month or so of use, though I'm not sure if these pads attributed to that at all. I cannot speak much on fine line improvement, as I don't have a major problem with them, although I do have fine lines around my eyes. With constant use, using age-defying products as a preventative measure can't hurt, right? Overall, I was impressed.


Using one pad per day will cost around $38 each month. I find that to be more than affordable if you have problem areas or are concerned with aging. Considering the cost of a facial at a spa can cost double for one visit, I maintain that these are a good value. If you are budget-conscious and aren't too concerned with the decollete area, these pads could easily be cut in half for double the use, bringing your monthly cost down to less than $20. Half of one pad easily saturated my face with the product, with a bit to spare.

Radical Skincare products are available at Sephora, Barneys New York, or Radical Skincare's website