Puttin' on my Happy Pants

Besides my blogging, scholarly, girlfriend and devoted auntie and daughter duties, I also work at a clothing store 40 hours a week.  Getting ready for work requires lots of time and energy as I must be fashionable at all times.  Irritating.  When I worked part time, I dressed up every single day, whether I was going to the grocery store or out with friends.  Now it just seems like way too much effort.  The thing I am most excited for on my days off?  Yoga pants.  And not having to put on makeup.  Yes, I have become that girl, and no, I do not mind.  They are the most comfortable things I've ever worn, and yeah, they even make my butt look cute.

Do you ever wear yoga pants/sweats/PJ's out in public?  Do I need to get a grip on my life or is this normal?

On that note, me and my yoga pants are doing some 'spring cleaning' on my day off...

After reading my Five Ways to be Annoying on Twitter, I came to the realization that I am probably being a super annoying real life friend (rule no. 3) and should probably make separate accounts.  Plus, it will be a great way for me to connect with the blogs I read and those who follow me...

So follow my blogging account @ajourneyeast

You can still follow me @latashajames, of course, if you wanna be updated on how bored I am with my life and what I did or did not eat for dinner.

Have a lovely day :)