Pretty Little Things

Today has been a wonderful, carefree kind of day.  No work so I slept till 10.  We were out of coffee so I took a drive in the lovely January sun to Starbucks and went craft shopping on the way back.  Grabbed some cute things to spruce up my apartment.  I've been looking for something to hold my incense sticks in and settled on a glass vase and filled it with some black filler balls.

Note:  Don't burn incense in a vase like this - the heat may cause the glass to break.  This is just a pretty way to display them.

I was feeling so inspired that I even decided to (sort of) organize our closet.

Since all of my clothes/shoes/accessories wouldn't fit on my side, I used the hall closet for most of my shoes, handbags, and pajamas.

So aside from the pretty little things I updated in my home, I also added some pretty little things to my blog.
I updated the overall layout and color and white is so 2010.
I also enabled a Gchat button - just click on the chat box on the right side of the screen and chat with me whenever I'm online.  No Gmail account necessary.
Also, if you like a post, I have enabled facebook 'like' and twitter buttons.
Searching for a post?  Scroll to the bottom of the page and search my blog with Google.

Let me know how you like the changes, and happy reading!