Power to the People (Michigan, je t'aime)

There's been a lot of rambling about the state of Michigan's current governor Rick Snyder and his new nasty bill (especially after that shout out from Rachel Maddow), but even for a political junkie like myself, it's been a little hard to digest.  People complain about politics all the time, so should I even pay attention to this?

This is not just a budget plan, this is death of democracy.

What exactly is Rick Snyder proposing to do to the state of Michigan?
Essentially, he wants to grant himself and his people the power to overrule and/or dismiss elected officials, dissolve city unions, and slash funding for education (up to $300 per student), among other things.  Read the bill in its entirety here, and search for Bill No. 4214.

Once you get good and fired up from reading said bill, RSVP to the Higher Education Rally at the Capitol building in Lansing, Michigan this Thursday the 24th.

I missed the protest on March 16th (luckily some 3,000 other people attended).  Many of my friends were there, including my friend Jake who was peacefully armed with his camera.  Check out his video below.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ea1CK0tw4Uk]