It takes a lot for me to watch a film with no recognizable names.  I am all for independent filmmaking and fresh faces but it can still be pretty difficult, and usually I end up disappointed.
Today I rented Pineapple, starring a bunch of nobody's.  The acting was pretty terrible, but I stayed interested throughout the entire film.  Some of the shots were pretty cool even.
It was about some ex-addict who had a lot of money, got dumped by his wife and then fell back into alcohol and coke addiction.  He met a lovely stripper named Crystal somewhere along the way and started a relationship with her.
I guess it was alright.  But the film was filled with stereotypes.  The rich guy who goes to titty bars, the drug addicted stripper, the big scary black drug dealer.  It was annoying.
And I couldn't help but hate this ridiculously unfortunate looking rich guy who blamed his money and addiction problems on this girl.  I know about addiction and I know that you cannot blame anyone but yourself.
Don't waste money on this movie.