So This is the New Year

...and I feel a whole lot different.

One year ago I was applying to jobs on the West Coast, eating a ton of processed food, and working a job that didn't satisfy my soul. This is not to say that 2015 wasn't great. It was actually pretty awesome, but I'm happy about where I am now and truly excited for the year ahead.

I think this is the first time I've said that and really meant it so let's hope it doesn't let me down.

(now for a quick narcissistic trip down memory lane...) 

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January through May 2015 was five months of pure hustle. I was in a pretty bad place emotionally, and I ended up putting all of my energy into my work. Works makes me happy, and I'm really proud of this period of my life. I made a full-time income off of my own blood, sweat, and tears, and also worked part-time at an internship that I learned a lot from. From spending all-nighters in the writing room, to scheduling social media for software companies, to doing branding and consulting with Octoly, I was always busy and always making money. On top of that, I also attended full-time classes studying Film and Political Science. My senior year of school was the best and I miss it all the time.

Somewhere in between that, on a random March day, I made the two hour drive to Detroit to meet up with an Internet friend (platonically) and ended up falling in love twice: once with him and again with his city. More on that later.

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Back home, I also started to connect with my spiritual side, as well as more with nature than ever before. I miss Al Sabo, and I've had so many magical moments there. By myself. In the woods. Where I feel the most at home.

In May, I graduated college... Something I never thought I'd do. I know I'm a relatively smart human, but being the first in my immediate family to get a degree was a task I wasn't sure I was strong enough to take on. I messed up (a few times), I gave up (once), but I eventually dropped my ego, learned some stuff, and even had a little fun.

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After about a month of freelancing and melting down about my life, I found a job in the city I loved and was given 13 days to figure things out and get there. Luckily I did, but to say the adjustment was difficult would be the understatement of the century. To help ease my pre-real life blues, I had one last hurrah in the form of my first ever Nahko & Medicine for the People show. What an experience. Life changing, really. Hoping for more of that this year.

I chilled out and adjusted to the cubicle life for a bit, but after about three months of that, I decided to pick up the side hustle once more. I started working with Octoly again, something that's given me so much joy. I also randomly got a promotion at my day job and work about 60 hours a week on average, but I wouldn't change a thing.

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Today, there are more things in my life that I'd like to change than I can count, but I'm happy to feel a quiet confidence about it all. I'm not sure what I'll be doing at this time next year, but I'm looking forward to creating a real home here, focusing on my career, and building relationships with people who really matter.

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My resolution? Well, I don't really believe in those. But I'd like to remind myself every now and again that I'm human. Not perfect. And that it's quite alright to pat myself on the back once in awhile, or spend a Sunday in bed, or ask for affection when I need it. Being in the city and so distanced from nature has taken a toll on my emotional well-being this past six months, so I'm challenging myself to get creative in that regard and start taking better care of myself.

And of course, an obligatory thank you. To everyone who's read this far, and to everyone who's supported my online endeavors for the past year. You guys mean the world to me and I'm so excited to bring you fresh new content in 2016. Thanks.