Never Get Outta The Boat

I watched a really great movie last night (right after I watched that really terrible one, Pineapple).  It was about an LA halfway house and focused on about five of the residents there.  It was basically like watching VH1's Sober House, minus all of the drama and whiny D-listers.  
I loved this film because I felt an instant connection with each character, despite their flaws.  A few used sex in place of their vices, one was a racist, and there were many relapses.  I still cared about each of them.
There were also moments when I found myself laughing out loud, one scene in particular when a young hip black musician comes to the house, obviously a fan of uppers, and starts rambling on about Ozzy Osbourne and starts singing his songs.  
The only problem I had with the film is all of the Jesus references.  There was a point when I thought the movie would be resolved by everyone's acceptance of Jesus and that would have been terrible.  Not that I think Jesus is a bad guy to believe in, but I do not believe faith is a cure-all.
One quote really made me fall in love with the film:  "I lose myself sometimes...often, actually."
The woman who said this was young, successful, definitely not an addict, and seemingly happy.
That quotation kind of did for me what Lost in Translation did; made me realize that sometimes we are all a little empty, regardless of our vices or decisions in life.
Excellent film and a prime example of a good film with no real "stars".