Nashville: In Photos (Okay, Words Too)

Nashville was cool...ish.  Let's just say I can't see myself living here, but I had as much fun as a person can have while working their butt off & hanging out alone! Actually, I can now say I am not at all afraid of dining solo - dare I say I even kind of like it?!


On my first free night, I ventured to downtown Nashville.  I dined at the lovely Germantown Cafe, left my car with a really sweet valet, ate some delicious food, and got some really awful service.  Whatevs.


The next morning, with a bruised ego and slight disdain for Nashvillian waitstaff, I took the drive the the West End, hoping Nashville hipsters were nicer to me than the downtown crowd.  They were.  Fido may have served me the best cup of coffee I've ever tasted, and did it with a smile.  Love.


I also got to drive past the beautiful Belmont University campus.

Totally took this from my moving vehicle.

The next night included a trip to the epic Five Points Pizza in East Nashville.  I was too busy eating to take photos.  SO delicious.

Back to Hillsboro/West End for brunch at Provence Breads & Cafe.  The service was only okay, but the food was amazing.

Spinach & feta frittata.

Things I really wish I could have done: visit the Country Music Hall of Fame, go to Opry Mills mall, and go skateboarding in the wonderful 60 degree weather.  

Airport bound and stuck in traffic.

Nashville:  I'll be back!