Watch Out World: Myspace is Back

I remember when I first discovered the Internet... it was the best fucking thing ever.  And I don't use the f-word unless I really, really mean it.  Probably the best part of the wonderful, infinite, World Wide Web was social networking, most importantly, Myspace. I've "met" some of my favorite Internet personalities through Myspace - as embarrassing as it may be, some of them have even turned into "real" friends.   Myspace introduced my seventh grade self to the now defunct Rocketstar Cafe, where I discovered amazingly talented local bands...and coffee.  And it was there, on Myspace, that I mastered the art of the horribly vain and awkward self-portrait.

circa 2005, don't judge me.

What has always set Myspace apart from other networking sites is my second favorite thing (after the Internet, duh):  the music.  From big names to independent local artists, they were all being interactively exposed on Myspace - for free.  Social networking's current front runner just doesn't make the cut.  Timeline makes it difficult to even find the music section of a personal profile page, and it only displays your top five 'liked' artists by default.  Artists' pages are cluttered with photos and fan comments... where are my local shows?  Where are the message boards?  Where is the music?  

Well good news, folks: Myspace is back.  I just claimed my invite and I'm so excited about the sleeker, more user-friendly, redesigned site.

Creating profile mixes (a la 8tracks), discovering new tracks, and connecting with musicians, writers, photographers, and real people is easy with the streamlined, majorly upgraded interface.

View a demo and request an invite here... and then connect with me!

The cyber world is waiting.