My Top Picks to Watch Instantly

Do you refuse to pay $4 or more for a movie rental?  Sick of wasting money on cable?  Are you cheap like me???

Recently I've discovered the magic of Netflix Watch Instantly.  For a mere $8 a month, I now have instant streaming access to thousands of movies and TV shows.  Best part, I can watch it on a big screen TV through my Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360.

While there are some great finds on the site, there are also a lot of snoozefests.  Sorting through the good and the bad can take some time.  Don't worry - I've picked out my favorites to get you started.

Capitalism: A Love Story (2009)
Probably my favorite Michael Moore film.  Discusses everything from the financial meltdown to the impact of President Obama's election.

Friday (1995)
A classic.  If you haven't seen it, or don't know what it is...then you just need to watch it.

The September Issue (2008)
A glimpse into the rarely-seen world of Vogue's editor in chief, Anna Wintour.  The often vilified "Cruella De Ville" of the fashion world is shown in a new light, and makes a dent at bashing those The Devil Wears Prada stereotypes.

SLC Punk! (1999)
A coming of age comedy involving punk rockers stranded in Salt Lake City, UT.  A ridiculously good time.

Joan Rivers:  A Piece of Work (2010)
The first shot of this documentary is the face of Joan Rivers' bare face; no makeup, dark circles, and aging skin.  The witty, outgoing comedienne is stripped down in this film, and reveals all of her insecurities and struggles.  A harsh glimpse into the world of show business.

If that's not enough...
Also check out Amelie, Precious, Paper Heart, The Girlfriend Experience, Sleeping With the Enemy, La Vie en Rose and many more.

The L Word (2004)
Seasons 2-5 of my favorite show are available online.  This Showtime dramedy tackles some really rough issues, including cancer, the now-extinct practice of Don't Ask Don't Tell, and infidelity.  It is also a really good time!  It is  is beautifully shot, and features some of today's most talented actresses.

Intervention (2005)
A heart-wrenching A&E series which documents the lives of addicts and their effect on those who love them. Everything from crystal meth to bulimia is discussed in seasons 1-6 of this show.

Gangland (2007)
The History Channel's in-depth look at the world of some of the toughest street and prison gangs in America. Full of fascinating interviews, archival footage, and testimonies.  Seasons 1-6 are available online.

LA Ink (2007)
A light hearted reality show centered around the career of Kat Von D, and a few other talented tattoo artists. The TLC show features the occasional celebrity cameo and lots of great tattoos.  Seasons 1 and 2 are online.

Weeds (2005)
Another Showtime dramedy that tackles some taboo subjects.  Mary-Louise Parker stars as a single mother selling pot to help make ends meet.  Watch seasons 1-5 online.

Some other favorites...
Hey Arnold, Hoarders, Clean House, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and 30 Rock.