My Fellow American

Little known fact about myself - my father is a Muslim.  And since the insanity that was 9/11 happened, I've gotten a whole lot more grief about it.  Sometimes it's an awkward stare, other times I get lots of questions - "Why don't you wear that thing on your head?" and "How is he Jamaican-American if he's Muslim?", but mostly it's utter disgust.  American media has programmed us to believe in Big Bad Muslims, instead of getting to know our normal, hardworking, educated Muslim family down the street. Islamophobia is alive and well, mainly out of ignorance, if you ask me. My Fellow American is a social media project in which normal Americans have the opportunity to share a story  about a Muslim in their life, aiming to unite us as a country and look at Muslims as one of us - a Fellow American.  Emmy Award winning filmmaker Robert Gardner directed a short film for the site, spawning a slew of responses from every day people and a few notable names.  Russell Simmons' contribution to the site can be viewed below.

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Learn the facts and sign the pledge here.