Music Moment: On Bronson Blvd


I've gotta rep my hometown every once in awhile. Believe it or not, Kalamazoo's music scene is actually pretty great. It's hard to imagine, since this town can feel ultra cramped and depressing at times, but there's so much talent inside it if you just open yourself up to it.

My most recent obsession is the electronic side project of Tim Tapper, (whose singer/songwriter jams are pretty great too.) It's called bronson blvd, named after the street he grew up on. I grew up downtown, but I spent many summer nights in that neighborhood as a teen too, so the name is endearing to me, to say the least.

I'm a little confused about why Kzoo Kids aren't more about this, cause I feel like it's sort of perfect. Bruce Lee High Score has been on repeat for the past month and a half... It's perfect for driving, perfect for showering, perfect for dancing, and even perfect for working to. I have to work in complete silence, but looping this guy's tracks has made me more productive, I swear.

I wish I had more to write about bronson blvd, but I really have no idea who he is or where this magic came from. All I know is it's beautiful and inspiring, and it sounds oh-so-Kzoo.

You should probably give it a listen.