Move Aside, Tila

Short reign of MySpace, failed MTV dating show, multiple staged hook-ups, and even a domestic assault case...
Tila Tequila sure has had herself one wild ride. Fame is fleeting, I suppose, and Ms. Tequila, is watching it fly away. Now that Tila Tequila has successfully (and finally) brought herself from C-list to F-list, Twitter users need fresh new faces and new, less fabricated (or maybe more) stories to satisfy their stalker-ish Twitter desire.
Here are a few of my most stalked (and why you should be following them too).
Kim Zolciak (@Kimzolciak)
reality star, gold-digger, wig designer
Sample Tweet: Real nice try global grind! That would not be me! But nice hair b#tch !!!

Because. How cool is it to say the President is following you on Twitter. No but seriously, great opportunities to volunteer or give feedback.