Mobile App of the Week

Techies, rejoice.  The latest addition to the site will involve me fiddling around on my smartphone, and telling you about cool ways to waste time on yours.

App:  TV Listings
For:  Android, iPhone
Price:  Free on Android Market

Because this year I've learned that I am a lazy slob, and Jersey Shore has slowly but surely taken over my life, I decided to purchase a basic cable package.  Considering I've been living in the stone age without cable TV for years, I'm not exactly on top of the latest programming.  I am also without a remote for the television in my room, making it a pain to check the TV Guide Channel (hey, it's college).

TV Listings has all that I need, in a simple little package.  Type in your zip code and cable package, and scheduled programming is displayed.  Search for shows, and toggle to different dates so you can plan your life around TV, like I do.  My favorite feature?  Schedule reminders up to 3 hours ahead so you'll never miss your favorite show.  The only bummer?  Only your default cable package will show up, so all you nomads will just have to rely on the crusty old hotel directory.