Miley Cyrus, v. 2.0

I know I'm going to get shit for posting about Miley Cyrus, but whatever. She posted a solo version of her track "Fall Down" on YouTube the other day, and I'm a little bit in love. I haven't even heard the original version with, but it's obvious he was involved in this song. It is very reminiscent of Ke$ha's "Warrior", which produced many tracks for.

I've got to be honest, grown-up Miley has really impressed me. Never in my life did I expect her to rock a badass pixie cut, and she's really upped the ante on her overall personal style. But what really matters is the music - and if her whole album sounds as good as this, then I may be officially converted to the Miley Army.

I try to avoid pop music because usually, it lacks talent, but I've posted about Miley's pipes before and I'll say it again: Girl can sing. For proof, just check out this video of her performing "Look What They've Done to my Song" from her Backyard Sessions. With that said, next on my Miley Cyrus wishlist is for her to record a folk/country album...