Midnight Machines


My obsession with LIGHTS runs deep, and I'm not ashamed to admit that. I feel in some strange way like I've grown up with her, and 2014's Little Machines was the most beautiful adult-ish synth-pop reflection of the growing up she's done since Siberia - she has become a mother and wife since then, after all.  I couldn't really imagine a more perfect album.

...and then she announced Midnight Machines.

Featuring stripped-down, acoustic versions of a handful of the tracks from Little Machines, as well as two originals (Head Cold and Follow You Down), Midnight Machines is the perfect companion to the original album. I tend to dislike when artists release album follow-up's because it can feel a little cheap, but this album is an exception. More than just a list of sloppy covers, it's instead a re-imagining of each song, carefully crafted to evoke a different mood or bring out lines I'd never even noticed before. And of course, it's a showcase of LIGHTS' vocal and musical talents.

It's kind of magical.

I'll be honest, it took awhile for Little Machines to grow on me. It's a highly produced pop album, which doesn't necessarily reflect the best of LIGHTS' talents. Although I'm now obsessed, I'm happy she decided to offer a more raw version of most of the songs, particularly the more intimate and lyrically driven, like Don't Go Home Without Me. Surprisingly, one of my favorites is Running With the Boys. I was so obsessed with the synth-pop radio-friendly version that I couldn't imagine liking an acoustic version, but I can now say I almost like it more (above.)

Alright, so the only disappointing part is that her cover of Hotline Bling isn't on Midnight Machines, but here's to hoping she plays it on the road, right? She'll be taking the acoustic album on tour for four stops only, and I'm damn jealous if you live anywhere near LA, NY, Vancouver, or Toronto. Someday. Someday.