Surviving Mercury Retrograde at Work


Oh, Mercury Retrograde: the trendiest astrological term of the year, but also pretty legit (in my humble opinion.) 

I remember there was a time when I let the stars run my life, and while I still look to them for guidance once in awhile, I'd caution you to avoid crawling into a hole for the next few weeks and encourage you to continue life as usual instead. It's true what they say: the only thing that's guaranteed in life is change, so I like to think of Mercury Retrograde as a little reminder that despite what we think, we're not really in control of anything.

(No idea what I'm talking about? Just click here.)

In addition to being humbled, Mercury Retrograde is a great time for taking a huge step back. Re-visiting, re-examining, reviewing... Did you really submit your best work for that project last week? If not, make a quick adjustment. Did you learn anything important from the meeting you just attended? Write it down. Did you review your notes before that big presentation? Do it. Or, you can always just wing it...

...Which is also important. You can plan every second of your day (as I do) but M.R. will usually throw something your way to mess it all up. So make sure you're using your resources and that you're giving yourself extra time every day. Check your gas tank before your morning commute, charge your phone before leaving the office, and glance at tomorrow's calendar before heading to bed. And if even with all of that preparation you get thrown a curve ball, try your best to just deal. It will be okay.

Technology and travel seem to be particularly difficult during Retrograde, so avoid the headache by working from home a few extra days this month if you're able, and keep I.T.'s phone number nearby. Speaking personally, I've already been in a minor car accident (my first ever - gah!) so drive carefully and avoid distractions.

You might also find your personality feeling a little off, but that's okay. You may be more sensitive (your coworkers may be, too.) Try to be a little more personable than usual. Ask your colleague how their weekend was and tell them they look nice. Retrograde is typically hard on everyone, so at the very least, these positive human interactions can help brighten up their day. And for you: make sure to stay humble and drop that ego. Remember that people lead busy lives. That email from your boss might have sounded rude because they were in a rush. Or maybe they're having a Retrograde breakdown of their own.

The world isn't against you and most problems can be solved in a matter of moments.

And of course... if you hate your job, wait. Don't quit (unless it's seriously affecting your mental or physical health.) Alternatively, avoid making long-term commitments if you can. Unless it's a no-brainer, take a couple more weeks to think on it. I know I'm always super impulsive about everything from apartments to wardrobe shopping during Retrograde, and now is really not the time. Save your pennies for any more major expenses that come along (like you know, the new bumper I now have to buy...) 

On the bright side: good curveballs happen, too. I received a random (and large!) affiliate link payment this morning that I forgot was coming. Someone brought cupcakes to work. And I'm oddly energetic and productive, more so than usual.

Surprises aren't always bad.

How do you survive Mercury Retrograde at work?