Maybelline Baby Skin

MaybellineBabySkin I recently ran out of my NYX Pore Filler (Empties video coming soon!) and wanted to explore my options a bit before repurchasing. I decided to try out the new Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser and review it for you, of course! I stumbled upon this gem in the grocery a few nights ago and was instantly drawn in by the adorable packaging. I paid less than $5 for this little guy, which is totally reasonable.

First thing you need to know: this is not a pore filler, like the NYX one or Benefit's POREfessional. It is being advertised as a pore eraser, which more closely mimics the L'Oreal Miracle Blur's effects.

I tried this under makeup, expecting it to work double-duty as a primer and pore eraser. The only place I really have noticeable pores is right around my nose, so I dabbed a light layer on and spread the excess throughout my cheeks and forehead. First impression: this product is HEAVY! It's hard to even fathom putting a layer of foundation over top of it, but I went for it.

Now, I will say - pre-foundation I didn't mind this product. It did minimize the appearance of my pores (although I wouldn't call it a miracle worker), and although it was heavy, it might be great for dry skin types. When I put foundation over it, I was instantly unimpressed. The greasiness of Baby Skin made my foundation slide all over my face and after about four hours, most of it had completely rubbed off. I tried again with a lighter layer of the pore eraser and it worked out better, but still - not a miracle worker.

This is a product that I really wanted to love but unfortunately, it just fell short. Give it a shot if you have dry skin and/or you don't need the added benefits of a primer. For me, I think I'll stick to the NYX Pore Filler now. I'm currently sampling a few others, so stay tuned for reviews here! What did you think of the Maybelline Baby Skin? If it's not your favorite pore eraser, let me know which one is!