March 12-19, 2014

I've gotten a lot of requests to post more personal pictures, so I decided to start this (hopefully weekly) series. I know I can be a bit inconsistent regarding weekly features... not pointing at any category in particular or anything... but I'm going to try. So here's what happened to me this week! All photos were taken by me and are courtesy of my personal Instagram. Feel free to follow my blog account for beauty and YouTube things!


Wednesday it snowed 6-ish inches. The day before it was 50 degrees. It all melted by Thursday. Michigan is the worst place to live, I swear.


Thursday I had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Nancy Love, a political scientist who recently did a study on far right extremist groups, specifically racist white power bands. It was enlightening. This photo was snapped in the Political Science Library of my school, just cause I'm ADD and can't listen attentively to anything for too long without taking a photograph.


On Thursday I also posted this throwback picture of me with bangs.


And Friday it was in the 50's again... which obviously meant a bit of skateboarding was necessary. I am not by any means good at skating but I'm getting better and I love it.


Today I got this coffee for less than $2 due to Biggby Coffee having its 19th birthday.

How was your week?