Magic's in the Makeup

I am a feminist.

I once prided myself on independence and humility. I never needed a man. I never wore makeup or high heels. I gagged at the thought of a strip club or sleeping around. As I reach the end of my teens, I feel everything changing. I want to get married. Not because I am so in love but because I want my life to be secure. I am moving to West Hollywood. I wear a tiny outfit at a "sportsbar", Hooters. I wear makeup every single day. I feel better about myself. Why? I love the person I used to be. I was smart and strong. People liked me because I was funny and kind. Now I feel like the reason people talk to me is obvious. So why the hell does it feel so good?
And when will I start feeling that emptiness? I know it's bound to happen.
Have you ever abandoned your ideals???
Am I a feminist?